Configure NTP on RHEL9 using Chrony

Configure NTP on RHEL9

In this article, we will review how to configure NTP on RHEL9 using chrony. We will focus on the server-side setup and finish with the client-side setup. Table of Contents Introduction Before we begin, this article assumes that you already have running instances of RHEL9 or CentOS9 available. If not, you may reference the following […]

Installing and using NTP server on CentOS8

Install NTP Server on CentOS8

In this article, we will review network time protocol (NTP) installation and configuration on a CentOS8 or RHEL8 operating system. As part of this process, we will focus on both the server-side and client-side setups for NTP. Table of Contents Introduction Although chronyd has replaced ntpd as the default time service on RHEL8 and CentOS8 […]