Write a play automating changes to the SSHD Configuration file

Automating changes using Ansible

In today’s Ansible series, we will learn about automating changes using Ansible. Specifically, we will automate changes to the sshd config file. Table of Contents Introduction In this exercise, we will examine a playbook that automates a config change (resolves common SSH vulnerabilities) and …specifically makes a change to the sshd (sshd_config) configuration file on […]

How To Resolve SSH Weak Key Exchange Algorithms on CentOS7 or RHEL7

SSH Weak Key Exchange

In this article, we will discuss SSH Weak Key Exchange Algorithms and how we can resolve them to enhance the security of SSH connections and protect against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. Table of Contents Introduction On October 13, 2021, Tenable published the following SSH Vulnerability: SSH weak key exchange algorithms enabled  giving it a low severity […]